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Guild Rules

Post by Bram on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:49 pm

General Rules

#1 - English ONLY!
We are an International Community - and English is the most used language worldwide. As such, you must use English while posting on our forums and guild chat.

#2 - Stay cool.
We're not here to eat each others. Any kind of aggressivity is not tolerated. No racism, no insults, no caps-lock.

#3 - Chill! Patience always pay back.
Did you ask for a dungeon run in guild chat and nobody responded? Chill it out and do not spam your guildies. If anyone is free, you will be helped.

Additional Rules

° Be respectful to your fellow guild members. Excessive trolling is not allowed.

° Help eachother out! A guild mate is looking for help and you've got nothing to do? Go ahead and help him out. Help your friends as you wish to be helped.

° No begging. Asking for a favor or help is cool, but begging by spaming the guild chat or disturbing the others by any way is not tolerated.

° No hacking or scaming of any sort.

° Be active,  try to complete dungeons and battlefields with your guildmates on daily basis.

° Try to learn as much as you can, share your knowledge to every guildmate.

° Do your very best to find most efficient ways to complete dungeons and battlefield missions.

° If a guild member is swearing and just wants to humiliate others, just Report it to the higher-ups, problem WILL be solved.

° And last but not the least, Communicate, communication is the key of everything.

Eclipse leaders own the right to change the rules at any given time. Make sure to read them carefully as breaking them will lead to suspension.

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